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Kirton in Lindsey Cake Club

The Kirton in Lindsey Cake Club is a group for people based in the local area who like to bake, share, and eat cake. The aim is to meet once a month, at different local venues.


Each event has a theme with everyone who attends baking a cake based on that theme, however you interpret that theme is up to you! 


Every event is held at a secret venue, only given to you the night before the meet. If you have any ideas of venues we could try, let us know. The venue for the month will also determine how many people can attend. 


There is just one simple rule about what to bake: Whole cakes only, no muffins, cupcakes, brownies, or pre-cut slices. The idea behind this is that the cutting and sharing of a cake with others fits with the social aspect of the club.


Beginners, pros, and every skill level in between are more than welcome in our club. There is no competition, and no judging!


Everyone is welcome. The aim is to gather a friendly and supportive group who like to meet up and eat cake together!

Detailed Information

  • Contact : Mike Taylor-Matson

  • Facebook Page

  • Where: Various locations

  • When: Monthly, no set dates but approx 3 wks notice 

  • Who: Baking loving adults      

  • Cost: free, just bring your cake creations

  • More details - join the Facebook page above 

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