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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How did the site come about? Answer: Following a feasibility study funded by North Lincolnshire Council and run by Kirton in Lindsey Town Council between 2021 and 2022, it was identified that there were a large number of groups and activities that happen within Kirton in Lindsey but there was not one specific place where they were listed and that people could navigate to in order to find out the details. The community have regularly commented that they are not aware of the full wealth of activities within the town. Kirton in Lindsey Town Council successfully applied for further funding from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund to enable the creation of such a place and “” was born. The project is supported 79% by UKSPF and 21% by Kirton in Lindsey Town Council.

Question: Do you include groups, activities or events occuring outside the Kirton in Lindsey area? Answer: The funding provided was to highlight the great wealth of activities within our town. At the moment we are not including surrounding towns and villages.

Question: I run a group/ community offering in Kirton in Lindsey and would like to be included. How do I go about this? Answer: Firstly, fantastic! The more we can highlight the amazing offerings to the people of our town the better. Please email for more info on how to go about getting your offering listed.

Question: I can see there are some groups / activities based in the town that have not been included. Why is this? Answer: We approached all the sport clubs, community groups and societies that we were aware of and 99% of them were more than happy to have a page listed. Some, however, declined. This could be due to not needing members or being full at present.

Question: There is an error / issue with a listing. How can this be corrected? Answer: Please email and we will look into it for you.

Question: Will the site detail when events or sessions are cancelled (such as due to bad weather?) Answer: No, the purpose of the site is to provide a repository for each offering. Most of the groups listed have Facebook sites and each group knows that they can update last minute changes through their own sites or through our Community Facebook groups.

Question: I have a group/offering listed and would like to update my details, how do I do this? Answer: Please email with the changes required.

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