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Companion Minds

Animal Behaviour & Training  

Our popular Polite Puppy and Awesome Adolescent courses run for 5 weeks.

We cover all the fundamentals required to set yourself up for a well rounded adult dog:

  • Recall

  • Loose lead walking

  • Sit

  • Lay down

  • Stay

  • Settling and ‘doing nothing’

  • Giving attention to owner in distracting environments

  • And much more!!


Detailed Information

CLASSES: We offer classes for puppies and for adolescent dogs, in a fun supportive environment.

PUPPY PLAY SKILLS: Specifically designed to aid the socialisation of young puppies.

1-1 TRAINING: A fully individualised approach to your dog, taking place at your house or out on walks.

BEHAVIOUR CONSULTATIONS: Reactivity to other dogs/people, separation related issues, resource guarding, repetitive behaviours etc. 

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