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Kirton in Lindsey Society

The Society was formed back in 1987 by a group of residents interested in the history of the town and concerned that valuable information was being lost as old properties were demolished and new development was covering over historic sites.

We have a programme of indoor talks from September to June followed up by visits in the summer to local places of interest.  

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Detailed Information


  • To advance the knowledge of our area through:

    • Talks and lectures

    • Trips and tours

    • Exhibitions

    • Publishing books and pamphlets

    • Exploring and recording sites of interest

  • To help protect our heritage through:

    • Collecting material against destruction or dispersal  and making it available for study.

    • Securing the preservation, protection and improvement of features of historic or public interest in the area.

  • We also manage the Heritage Room in the Town Hall and have themed displays which can be viewed whenever the office is open, or by appointment.

History is not all dry and ‘worthy’, it can be fun. Since we started we have done some unusual things. We have:

  • Beat the Bounds

  • Revived the Kirton Plough Play

  • Ridden on trams

  • Sailed on the Humber Sloop

  • Restored the whipping post

  • Walked the fields around for archaeological remains.

  • Rescued and restored doors from the old prison.


Who knows where our adventures will take us next!

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