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Bell Ringing

Change ringing is a style of church bell ringing started in England around the end of the sixteenth century.

Because of constraints imposed by the physics of swinging bells, tunes are not played. Instead, the bells are rung in ever changing patterns to a steady rhythm.

Change ringing, remains as widely practiced today as at any time in the past, and continues to evolve.

The largest concentration of interest remains in England, which is home to over 95% of the world's bells hung for change ringing, with many of the remainder in other parts of the UK. However, there are small pockets in other parts of the world, mostly, though not exclusively, former British colonies.


If you are interested in learning, or want to know more about bell ringing, contact Maxine on the number below. alternatively, pop in to see us in action and take it from there. 

Click below to see our Kirton in Lindsey bell ringers in action.

Detailed Information

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